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Infographic: 10 Reasons to Lift Weights

There are a substantial number of women who still fear strength training. They feel that they will develop muscle mass and obtain a masculine figure. That’s certainly a misconception. It’s also a lost opportunity to realize the many benefits that … Continue reading

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3 Exercises that Shouldn’t be a Priority in your Workout

When you find yourself at the gym, there is certainly an abundance of exercises and machines that you can add to any training program. There are those exercises that should always be a staple in your fitness plan, including squats … Continue reading

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Alright – take it outside!

I know I always get ahead of myself when it comes to the weather getting warmer and my idea that summer is actually here. Besides the fact that summer brings longer days, bbq’s and days at the lake, I also … Continue reading

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Your vacation is the perfect time to workout

I’ve always advised people that if you go a few months on a steady workout or training plan with little to no break, sometimes it does your body good to take a week off. Of course, this applies to training … Continue reading

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The Gap promotes training gear that’s affordable with Athleta

Although it’s been around for a while, The Gap is more aggressively promoting their Athleta training clothing line. They are now using a new tagline for a new campaign that can be found in a number of different media outlets. … Continue reading

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How carbs can make you fat – infographic

As a personal trainer and nutrition consultant, it’s important to me to convey to my clients not only how to live healthier and transform their bodies, but to also understand why our bodies react to certain activity and certain food … Continue reading

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Nike helps you track your training easier with Fuelband for Nike+

If you haven’t heard of Nike+, it’s a product offering from Nike that helps you track data of your workouts and training, primarily for running. You can register for a free account and enter in your workout information to track … Continue reading

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