Your vacation is the perfect time to workout

I’ve always advised people that if you go a few months on a steady workout or training plan with little to no break, sometimes it does your body good to take a week off. Of course, this applies to training only as a week off of clean eating could really sabotage your results.

However, it’s so common that people will use their vacation as an excuse not to continue training or get their workout in. If you haven’t earned that week off yet, I think it’s the perfect time to focus on a good workout at least every other day. You should have ample time in your schedule, you don’t have the distractions of being at home and you are on vacation for you.

training when on vacationTop keep your training on track, see if your hotel has a decent training facility. Most do and you don’t need a whole lot of equipment to get in a decent workout. If not, maybe they have an agreement with a nearby gym. If they don’t, all hotels with more than one floor will have stairs, and we all know the workout we can get from going up and down stairs for 20-25 minutes. An alternative is that there are plenty of exercises that can be done in a hotel room, whether it’s push ups, squats, split squats, jumping jacks, lunges, ab exercises, calf raises, etc. All you need to do is maintain decent intensity and perform exercises like these sequentially one after the other.  25 minutes of this type of activity will help you feel fantastic for the rest of the day.  Finally, if you’re at a beach resort, what can be more invigorating than getting on the beach to perform these exercises or to at least go for a run along the water. Running in the sand is a great workout – just remember to wear your runners.

So although a holiday is a great time to take a week off from your program, if you haven’t earned that yet, it’s also a great time to focus on yourself, get in a quick workout, which will certainly help you feel great for the rest of the day and help you enjoy that well deserved holiday even more.


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