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Why hire a personal trainer? Here’s why.

If you are on this site, chances are you’ve given careful consideration to hiring a personal trainer. Investing in personal training can have multiple benefits and what can be more worthy than your health. If you still aren’t quite convinced, … Continue reading

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Greatist lists the best fitness tracking sites in a new infographic

Once again, the folks at Greatist have created another entertaining infographic. This time, it’s to share some of the best sources on the web for tracking your exercise and diet. Some of these, I’ve shared in a previous post, including … Continue reading

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Recipe for a great pre-workout or morning smoothie

Nutrition is very important both first thing in the morning, when you’ve gone at least eight hours without eating, and just before your workout, to ensure you have energy to give it your all.  Here’s a smoothie that you can … Continue reading

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Harvard creates a healthy eating plate guide

I know when training clients and consulting people about proper eating, it often helps to visually show what someone’s typical plate should look like in regards to macronutrients and other dietary considerations to create healthy eating habits. Well, the folks … Continue reading

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Recommended websites that stream music for you while training

If you’ve read my blog on a regular basis, you’ve heard me talk about the benefit of listening to music while you work out and I’ve even suggested some set lists. If you don’t have a personal trainer with you, … Continue reading

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