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Some new recommendations to look great at the gym

Of course we all go to the gym to work hard and feel good. But who doesn’t want to look really good in the process? A new outfit can give you a little extra skip in your step and can … Continue reading

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Adidas launches the first barefoot indoor training shoe

Talk about an oxymoron. A barefoot shoe. Let me explain. I’m a big fan of Adidas and their products. I’ve used their shoes over the years and there’s no question they are a leader in the fitness lifestyle category. This … Continue reading

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Workout nutrition – the ultimate guide infographic

Here’s another infographic put together by the wonderful site Greatist. Although there is a lot of great and relevant information here, it’s important to note that not every body is the same. These are great principles and most are proven, … Continue reading

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Healthy ideas for grilling BBQ

Grilling BBQ is one way to eat that comes with very little guilt if done properly.  From my perspective, summer can be the most difficult time to keep good eating habits.  However, grilling BBQ isn’t just about meat.  There are all … Continue reading

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A look back at Nike’s 2005 campaign for women

I’ve often said that Nike has the best marketing on the planet. They transitioned over the years from one of an athletic attire brand to a sports and fitness brand to now of a lifestyle brand. Back in 2005, they … Continue reading

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Healthy tzatziki dip recipe

Traditional tzatziki dip is usually loaded with sour cream or mayo, but in this recipe, the tangy dip has undergone its own extreme makeover! More than almost any other sauce tzatziki goes with just about anything. Try it today with grilled Greek … Continue reading

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Why women should lift weights

When most people that are new to working out think of a weights plan, they often have images of those massive, overly-muscular athletes that compete in bodybuilding events. As you can ask anyone that’s lifted weights for a period of time, adding muscle … Continue reading

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